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Mitch Marner: Land Rover Defender


Mitch Marner and His Defender 110

Tailor Made

Matching a person with the right vehicle is like finding the perfect wine to complement a great meal, or getting a suit that fits like a glove. The Land Rover Defender 110 is tailor-made for his active lifestyle.

Why The Defender?

The Land Rover Defender is the ultimate modern-day luxury off-roader, equally capable on and off the road. Depending on your preferences, the exterior can be customized with a wide range of dedicated gear and technology to enhance your off-road adventures. This attention to detail continues inside the vehicle, where you’ll discover a great level of storage, removable floor mats, and a special angled floor designed for easy cleaning. The infotainment system is also packed with endless technology to keep you safe, connected and entertained on your adventures.

The Right Fit For Mitch

With an impressive range of features, plenty of room and ample power, the Defender offers Mitch Marner the optimal ride that perfectly suits his busy and active lifestyle as an NHL player. The Defender’s refined, yet utilitarian interior provides Mitch with a more than comfortable and practical commute to his games or the airport. The Defender’s spacious cabin can comfortably seat up to four passengers, making it perfect for Mitch’s teammates or his furry companion, Zeus!

Taking Delivery

Join Mitch as he takes delivery of his 2023 Defender, accompanied by Zeus to give the stamp of approval. Tevin guides him through all the options and features equipped, ensuring that he is fully prepared to enjoy this vehicle throughout the entire summer. This is just a glimpse into the bespoke delivery experience we provide to our valued clients at Coventry North Land Rover.

Is The Defender For You?