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Mount Sinai Track Day Presented by IAG


On July 18,

IAG was proud to sponsor the 5th annual track day, hosted by Mount Sinai in support of men’s health.

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$86,265 Raised!

Together with the help of many amazing supporters, the Mount Sinai Track Day raised just over $86,000 which is going toward the support of men’s health research at Mount Sinai Hospital’s Murray Koffler Urologic Wellness Centre.

IAG was an integral part of this year’s track day as we were not only a sponsor but also provided plenty of exciting vehicles to look at and drive throughout the day. We had a long list of our favourite vehicles from across our brands on display for attendees to admire, get some hands-on time with, and learn a little about as well. We also brought some super high-performance cars for individuals to take on the track and the time-attack course, which was one of the many highlights of the day. Participants had the choice between a Charger, Challenger, and F-Type as their vehicle of choice and could switch throughout the day. The top 3 fastest times on the time-attack course were awarded at the end to round off the day.